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Technology in healthcare

Technology and Health Care Costs

By 2040, it is projected that life span in the U.S. will increase from 37.7 years to 40 years. The CBO ( Congressional Budget Office) attributes rising cost of health care to population aging; from 5.5% today to 9% of the economy by 2046. In other terms, for every 100 people working today, 25 are over the age of 65 and by year 2040, that number will increase to 37 over the age of 25.

It goes without saying, older people need more and spend more on healthcare. Technology changes account for up to two thirds of per capita healthcare spending growth. Many factors account for healthcare spending; lifestyle habits & general well-being. Some studies suggests that leading causes of death are being pushed later in life giving Americans more years of good health.

Technology and health care innovation will continue to delay the cost of health care spend towards later in life.

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